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November 7 2010, Sanibel Florida (USA) Conference Program
Session 1 (9:00 - 10:30)
Introductions and Agenda
Supporting and analyzing communities
  • (short) Damianos L.E., Holtzblatt L.J. Measuring Community Success: One Size Does Not Fit All
  • (short) Huh J., Ackerman M.S. Using Collective Intelligence for Supporting Diabetes Patients
  • (long) Cabitza F., Simone C. Web-Based Surveys In Medical Communities As Lightweight Tools To Promote Collective Awareness On Medical Daily Practices
Break (10:30 - 11:00)
Session 2 (11:00-12:30)
Advanced CI: Brainstorming and deliberation
  • (long) Vivacqua A.S., Expedito C., Galuzzo F., Borges, M.R.S., da Silva, S.T.F. Moving from Ideas to Proposals
  • (long) Klein M. Using Metrics to Enable Large-Scale Deliberation
  • (short) Gartrell M., Beach A. Ramanarayanankrishnaniyer J., Xing X., Lv Q., Han R., Mishra S., Seada K. Integrating Wikipedia, Facebook, and Other Personal Online Context into Collaborative E-Brainstorming
Lunch (12:30-13:30): hosted on-site
Session 3 (13:30-15:00)
Feeding of CI and exploitation of traces (aggregating, organizing, recommending)
  • (short) Oral T., Shami N.S. Dealing with the Cold Start Problem when Providing Personalized Enterprise Content Recommendations
  • (short) Hanrahan B., Quintana-Castillo R., Stewart M., Perez-Quinones, M.A. Wiki Atoms: Contributions to Wikis as Atomic Units
  • (short) Chidlovskii B., Faddoul, JB. Sharing the Collective Intelligence between E-mail Applications
  • (long) Convertino G., Hanrahan B. Kong N., Weksteen T., Bouchard G., Archambeau C., Chi E.H., Mail2Wiki: Low-Cost Sharing and Organization on Wikis
Break (15:00-15:30)
Session 4 (15:30-17:00)
  • Discussion in groups
  • Brief reports presented from the groups (wiki notes)
Conference welcome reception (17:00-18:00)
  • Open to all. Meet other colleagues attending the conference (see conference program)
Dinner & social (19:30, Where? TBD)
  • You are invited to join the group of the CIorg workshop attendees.

4. Themes and Questions

Workshop themes of interest
1. Feeding CI. Knowledge creation, capture and use: infrastructures; e.g., Q&A, sharing and lurking in CMS.
2. Exploiting and institutionalizing CI. Knowledge reuse and community development; e.g., wikis, tools for communities and organizational memory, recommendation tools, business process.
3. Advanced CI functions. Brainstorming, sense-making and decision-making, voting, planning, e.g., collective sensemaking; semantic web tools.
4. Research and design methods:
a) Methods for measuring key CI factors in specific domains: e.g., critical mass, incentives, ownership, metrics of participation and success, metrics of decision quality.
b) Methods for developing CI tools; e.g., scenarios, personas, storytelling, participatory design.

Research questions about CIorg tools and studies
• What defines the forms of CI that emerge in specific organizations? How are they different from other forms of CI observed in the consumer Web?
• What are the organizational processes that are best suited to bottom-up organization and what features of CI tools can capture these?
• What is the degree of domain modeling that the tools need to support to leverage content created and shared?
• What are available traces from previous activities and how they can be exploited for the current activity and to organize the dynamic knowledge being created?
• What visualizations and abstractions can help to monitor and make sense of the activities of others?
• How do factors such as trust, motivation, attribution, and traceability affect information and activity flows in organizations? How can these factors be ‘designed in’ CI tools?
• What lessons did you learn about metrics and mix of research methods, such field studies and logs analysis, for CI research and design?

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